" Back when I was living in Seattle, I did a series of 10 sessions with Jody to work on finding the obstacles that were getting in the way of my making some life changes that I had been trying unsuccessfully until then to make. Jody utilizes a great method for identifying the various aspects of ourselves that are standing as "limiters" in our minds and preventing us from moving through change. Through the insights I gained from working with Jody, I began a process of clearing those old limitations, and from there forward life opened many new paths for me. I now live in Australia, which I had been dreaming about for quite a while when I first started seeing Jody. I still use the strategies that Jody taught me for identifying when a mental story is getting in the way of creating the reality that I desire. I cannot recommend her highly enough! "
Kate C., Naturopathic Physician

"I was referred to Jody by a friend at a period in my life when I was going through a divorce, unhappy at work, recovering from breast cancer (yes, as a male, I had breast cancer), and generally without direction.
During the past several years, Jody and I averaged a 60-minute phone conversation every month or two in which she asked probing questions and I responded. There were times, quite frankly, when I preferred running from my issues and not confronting them. With Jody's pleasant and persistent questions, I was required to grapple with my situation and think about how I would move grapple with my issues.
I'm happy to report that life is MUCH better now, thanks in large part to Jody. I changed my work situation and have fully recovered from my divorce and breast cancer. I also am closing a deal in which I will be selling my photographic prints to a newly constructed medical center, which was one of our regular topics that Jody and I often explored.
I have recommended Jody to my colleagues, and would highly recommend her to you."

Robert B., Olympia, WA

"I was referred to Jody McCrain by a professional I was working with. She suggested that as a Life Coach, Jody could help me get “unstuck” on a number of issues that had been blocking my personal growth. I had friends who had benefited from working with a Life Coach so I decided to give it a try.
From the very first visit, I was aware that I was where I was supposed to be. Jody was so easy to talk to and asked very insightful questions. Her skill coupled with my readiness to get unstuck, led to us “getting traction” after only a couple of sessions. Through voice dialog methods, Jody helped me to understand the motivations that supported the status quo in my life and how to make the changes to move ahead. Although she was willing to go at my speed, Jody always knew when to press a little harder. Our sessions were always productive, goal oriented and ended with me defining my own “homework” assignment to work on.
We worked together for about 7 months and as I write this letter nearly a year has passed. I can honestly say the changes and progress I made as a result of Jody’s insightful guidance are with me still. The time and resources I invested in working with Jody was very well spent and has given me the results I was looking for. I know that I will be working again with Jody when I am ready to tackle another hurdle in my life. I find it difficult to imagine that anyone who chose Jody as their life coach would not find it highly productive. She is bright, has amazing instincts and is always about getting results. I highly recommend her services."

Cynthia Graham, Brier, WA

"My first meeting with Jody was a free consultation really just to get to know her business and to make a professional contact for business referral. I had no intention of delving into coaching with her as I didn't feel I had anything needing 'coaching' in my life. Wow was I wrong. Jody is amazing at helping you define your life goals (which you think you have defined until you meet with her), and then highlighting the obstacles getting in the way of achieving them. She is great at helping you navigate your own thought processes to come to workable ideas/solutions that are not overwhelming or (more importantly) biased in any way. I definitely plan to continue to consult with her on a regular basis."
Julie Jenkins, Acupuncturist, Seattle, WA

"I have worked with Jody McCrain and Pasada Coaching through many personal and professional life changes. Her insight and wisdom have helped me to reveal my deepest goals and sense of purpose. With her positive attitude and creative approach, I have felt safe and inspired to give voice to the parts of myself that have wished to come alive. With Jody's support, my professional life has flourished I have become a healthier, more communicative and fulfilled individual. I have greater perspective, a deeper sense of well-being and am recognizing and giving life to my dreams. I recommend Pasada Coaching and Jody McCrain to anyone with the desire to live to the greatest of their potential."
Guinevere Amadeo, Massage Therapist/ Writer, Seattle, WA

"Jody has successfully supported me as a life coach for the past four months. I have benefitted greatly from her professional expertise and objectivity. As a result of our weekly meetings, I have made great strides towards a more balanced andf fulfilling life. The combination of knowledge, keen insight and genuine concern for her client makes Jody an ideal life coach. I gladly recommend her life coach services and truly appreciate the support she has provided me."
Greg, San Diego, CA

"It has been my pleasure to have Jody as my Life Coach over the last three months. The sessions are relaxed and insightful, but above all useful and relevant. Her focus is based on “Transformative Coaching,” a belief system that we all are whole, capable and complete, equipped with all the necessary tools to reach our goals...we just need to recognize and remove the obstacles that stand in our way. Jody is masterful at gentle and supportive guidance that seems to flow from her quite naturally. She draws upon a wealth of resources that are “right on time” during our weekly conversations. I especially have benefited from the “homework” - having me take concrete steps towards my goals between the sessions. The end result is that I have been able to make changes in my personal and working life that have made a real difference. I highly recommend Jody!"
Cheryl, Detriot, MI

"I worked with Jody at a point in my life where I had retired from one career and was moving into a new phase of my life. Jody was there to help me find a balance with this transition. Jody has a way to ask the questions that you don’t even know need to be asked, yet those questions were spot on in leading me to establish goals and support my inner self as I make my way through this thing called life. Seeking a life coach is a personal decision and one that I’m truly glad I made for myself."
Cheryl, Sales Consultant, Seattle, WA

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